What is ACM-BA?

The ACM-BA ('Association for Computing Machinery - Business Administration') is the student chapter of the College of Business Administration of the Mayagüez Campus.

This chapter was founded on December 7, 2004 by a group of students in the program of Computerized Information Systems at UPRM motivated by the need to work and participate in academic and extracurricular activities that promote professional development in this field of study.

Today the ACM-BA offers the student community leadership opportunities, education and professional development in the area of Information Systems. In addition, efforts are made to achieve partnerships between the industry and the University. The ACM-BA provides quality training and networking opportunities as professionals in the management of information systems.


To be recognized as a student organization for managing information technology and computing student choice of Mayagüez Campus, which will provide opportunities for leadership and professional development in an environment of ethics, justice and peace.


Promote and develop activities related to the field of information technology and computing to the the student community that will enable it to ethically and professionally establish and foster partnerships between the industry and academy.